Wednesday, May 2, 2007

New update.

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Adam said...

I've missed talking to you about your work so much. I've spilled a lot here. I promise i'll start posting my stuff soon, because i also miss getting advice from you on my stuff, since it usually works out well.


I'm really liking the very top right most hitler design. Go for maybe 10 more good sketches of him with a character sheet here and there. Lots of work, but its showing and will pay off.


I really enjoy the train getting stopped by that figure. I'd love to see that animated with sound, especially with some large camera moves/zooms. This should be one of your next test animations (and polish tests too!)



For the middle right image, thumbs way up. Stick with these extreme angles when animating. Theyre interesting and youre good at them!

The muscle guy with the claws is coming along, but slowly. He's still very generic right now (early stages I know), so jsut be sure to give him his own identity soon. His overall form looks fun to animate. I hope his run cycle is slighty gorilla like with those large hands pushing him along the ground (and perhaps some badass jumping/climbing a test roto of a kong sequence to at least get some inspiration mayhaps?) In any case, i feel like he has more character in this image from your last post (page44.jpg)
but i cant tell why. Add more accesories maybe? The armband does a lot. A little goes a long way. Like the seperation of body parts with black and white in the top most jpg in this post. The body can still be bare, but little things like that will make him not generic.



I swear to holy god.....I demand you use an elastic and go as captain lou albano for halloween. Take more pictures of this in all its glory, and also do a nice animation based on that sketch of the beard grabbing the knife. Easy funny.

Big congrats for being the first of all of us to work for Disney in some form! Steal me nice things from them. Pens. Posters. Stitch....yeah. Find where they keep Stitch, and liberate him to me. Mwah.